Students, athletes, artists, and business people alike who feel they are not functioning at their best, use this method for a drug-free approach to feeling and functioning better. Many adults and children with severe impairments have found relief through Neuro Therapy.

We suggest Neuro Therapy if you are looking for benefits on a physical, emotional or mental level. Our sessions will accelerate the positive results you want and train your brain for peak performance.

Dr. Sue and Val Brown, Zengar’s co-founders of this NeurOptimal® training, make it clear: this is not a medical treatment. Consequently, NeurOptimal® does not require diagnosis or treatment planning. Always remember, you should be under the care of a physician for any medical disorder.


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Brain Training with Neuroptimal® has:

Helped brain injury victims recovered more rapidly and more fully than their doctors expected.

Helped improve the lives of children with neuro-biological issues, communication and social challenges and general difficulties focusing in school.

In America, neurofeedback is FDA approved for stress reduction. Other suggestions for its use:

  • Stress reduction
  • Relief of insomnia
  • Wellness enhancement
  • Migraine/headache relief
  • Athletic and sports training
  • Academic and job enhancement
  • As part of an anti-aging program
  • Enhancing creativity and awareness
  • Facilitate return of veterans into home and work life
  • Optimizing your intelligence with improved brain function
  • Preparation for testing: improved focus, attention and retention, reduction of test anxiety

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