cindy-sessions-photo-1.jpg"As a mom, Neuroptimal has changed the lives of our family."

We have been plagued with Dyslexia, migraines, anxiety & attention issues, hormonal issues, as well as dementia; neurofeedback has assisted in improving each and every one of these areas.

"It was first used for my daughter's dyslexia."

Her teachers did not know that we had began neurofeedback, and soon started reporting great reading improvement. My daughter’s confidence in reading and reduction in anxiety are priceless to us. Our other daughter has had success in reducing attention issues, irritability, and insomnia.

My mother has also experienced success in aging memory loss and insomnia. My husband has had experienced relaxation, clarity of mind, and claustrophobia reduction. I, personally, have had success in reducing migraines and perimenopause symptoms.

"As a teacher, I wish that all kids who are struggling could have the gift of this service."

I believe anxiety, behavioral issues, as well as academic performance could be greatly improved. My hope is that one day this will be an integrated into part of our public education.

The results for our family have been wonderful. We are so happy to share this with others in hopes that they too have life changing results.

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